when you’re spending time with the object of your affection sometimes it feels like time is flying by but in reality if a man is in love with you he’s actually going to slow way down at least when it comes to walking considering that most men are taller and have longer legs than most women they tend to move along faster than we do but rather than hoping we catch up with them men who are in love will actually slow down to match your pace scientists have studied the way men walk when they’re alone with a friend or with a significant other when men walk along with a woman they have blue tonic feelings toward they don’t significantly change their pace and walk much the same way they do when they’re alone however when they walk with someone they have romantic feelings for they significantly change the pace to keep time with their partner from a biological standpoint this makes total sense the reproductive systems of women are sensitive to energy disturbances and being overly exhausted can make it difficult to conceive therefore it makes sense that men would have evolve to take on the energetic burden to compensate for their female partners so that she can conserve her energy.
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