Only the Kings of Winter could resist them , and that’s why the north keeps the customs of the First Men, worshiping the old gods – and remembering things that others forget . It all ties back to the foundation of House Stark in the fight against white walkers and winter. The ancient words of House Stark are a warning that “Winter is coming” . The castle of Winterfell might be named for the place where the white walkers were defeated – where winter fell. Winterfell is built on hot springs that keep it warm through winter . And thecrown of the Stark Kings was spiked with “iron” a metal of winter “to fight against the cold” . In the Winterfell crypts, the statues of dead Starks have swords of iron – and it’s said that white walkers hate iron . Winterfell might have magic defences against white walkers. Cause the Wall and Storm’s End have protective spells , and Brandon the Builder is sposed to have built them both – maybe he gave Winterfell protective spells as well. It’s said “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” , as though the Starks have an ancient responsibility to defend the north from winter and white walkers. But the story goes deeper than that.
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