We figured it would be helpful to offer insights on how to work with each love style.
Whether your partner is prone to being a distant avoider or an anxious vacillator, know that working out your differences will only strengthen your relationship in the end.
Here are five tips on how to work with your partner’s love style.

One: the pleasure

Charming, nice and known as the stereotypical good students, these types of people actually grew up walking on eggshells.
Their parents were most likely either overly criticaloverly protective or both. As a result, they have a hard time setting boundaries, saying no and do their best to maintain peace even at their own expense.
In relationships they don’t deal with conflict well and may try to avoid it altogether by resorting to bad habits such as lying. To resolve issues with the pleaser shows them that it’s normal for things to get messy.
But instead of getting mad at them, let them know that you want their honest input not something sugarcoated. Click On Next to see Number 2)


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